Lauréats du concours Maurice André

 «Maybe the most important events for young musicians during their development are competitions. They make your musicians grow and allow them to compare themselves to others, on an international scale they would not have otherwise. In the world of classical trumpet, the «Maurice André international trumpet Competition» was an appointment which regularly served as a meeting of the most promising talentsworldwide. Winning a prize in an international competition gave you an international career almost automatically. I would love to see that the new «Eric Aubier international trumpet competition» helps laureates in that sense».

Giuliano Sommerhalder, lauréat du concours Maurice André 2003

«The French Trumpet Tradition of soloists is the most prestigious of all. The continuity of the French tradition of concours, with a new french international competition of trumpet will assure that this great school will stay at the top of the music world! As demonstrated by the career of winners of the concours Maurice Andre, this project is important! »

Stephen Burns, lauréat du concours Maurice André 1988

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