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October 23-28, 2017 - Rouen - Normandy - France


‚ÄčArticle 1

The first edition of the Eric Aubier International Trumpet Competition will take place in Rouen from October 23rd to 28th, 2017.

The Regional Conservatory of Rouen (« CRR ») will host the competition from October 23-25, 2017. The Rouen/Normandy Opera will host the competition from October 26-28, 2017.

This competition is a production of the Association for the Eric Aubier International Trumpet Competition (« ACITEA »). 

All of the procedures related to the Eric Aubier International Trumpet Competition will be conducted exclusively via the official site

The Jury, composed of international personalities, will be presided over by Eric Aubier.

Article 2

This Competition is open to trumpet players of all nationalities.

MASTER Category: No age limit

JUNIOR: Candidates born after October 28, 1996; that is, up to 21 years of age.

Article 3

The contestants will perform in a set order determined by a random drawing.

The drawing will take place Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017 at 5 :30pm at the opening ceremonies, in the presence of the jury members and the Competition Board of Directors.

On this occasion, an explanation of the compettiion process will be given to the candidates, and a booklet summarizing the principal steps will be handed out to them.

The candidates are required without exception to be personally present at this occasion and must bring a piece of ID. (In the event of a legitimate and properly justified inability to be present at the random name drawing, an exception can be made for a candidate to be represented by a third party.)

The location of this ceremony will be specified to them via e-mail following the validation of their application.

The order of appearance will then be maintained until the end of the competition.

Article 4a - Program

The program will be available for viewing on the official competition Web site.

For the Elimination Round 1, the jury reserves the right to request that the contestant play all or part of the requested program.


Elimination Round 1

Mandatory (B flat or C Trumpet):

  • Joseph Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major, Movement 1, up to the D Flat before the reprise of the main theme.

Candidates’ Choice of:

  • Stanley Friedman, Solus, Movements 1-3 (Editions BIM)
  • Robert Henderson, Variation movements, Movements 1-2-3 (AVANT MUSIC Los Angeles Edition)
  • Anthony Plog, Postcards I, Movements 2-3 (Editions BIM)
  • Gianto Scelsi, Quattro pezzi, Movements 1-3 (Salabert Editions)
  • J.S. Bach, Partita Nº 2, Allemande, and Sonata No. 1, first part of the Presto (Original version for violin, Schott edition or any other original version)

Candidates’ Choice of:

  • Jean Françaix Sonatine, movements 1-2 with cadenza. (editions Max Eschig)
  • Raymond Gallois-Montbrun, Sarabande and Finale, from beginning to 5th measure of rehearsal 8, then from the cadenza to the end (Alphonse Leduc edition)

Elimination Round 2

Mandatory (piccolo trumpet):

  • I. Jevtic, “Que le jour est beau! “ (Editions BIM)



  • Thierry Escaich, Création, for trumpet and 2 percussion instruments

Please note: The sheet music will be downloadable from the competition Web site starting June 30, 2017

  • Creativity Challenge (see Article 4b)

Grand Finale MASTER Level


  • Dimitri Chostakovitch, Concerto in c-minor for piano and trumpet ,  2nd mouvement

  • Maurice Ravel, Concert in G Major

  • G. Friedrich Haendel   - The Messiah " The Trumpet shall" 

  • Igor Stravinsky, Petrushka (trumpet version)

  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake (cornet solo)

Please note: The orchestral excerpts will be performed in conjunction with the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy in the solo trumpet position.

The specific passages will be downloadable from the competition’s Web site starting June 20, 2017

  • Georges Enescu, Legend (Enoch edition)
  • Arthur Honegger, Intrada (Salabert Editions)

Please note: These two concertos will be accompanied by the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy. The original trumpet parts remain unchanged.


For the Elimination Round 1 test, the jury reserves the right to have the contestant play all or part of the requested program.

Elimination Round 1

Candidates’ Choice of:

  • W. Brandt, Concert Piece N°2 (Marc Reift edition)
  • Theo Charlier, Competition Solo (Schott edition)
  • Tomaso Albinoni, Concerto en E Flat Major, arranged by T.Dokshitser (Marc Reift edition)

Elimination Round 2


  •  Pierre Sancan, Rhapsody (Rideau Rouge/Red Curtain Edition)



  • Georges Delerue, Concertino (Alphonse Leduc edition)
  • “Battle”, creation for trumpet duet and and string orchestra (See Article 4b)

Please note: These two pieces will be accompanied by the string orchestra and percussion section of the CRR of Rouen.

JUNIOR Grand Finale

  • Joseph Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major

Accompaniment: Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy.

Article 4b - Clarifications about the Program

The choice of trumpets is up to the contestant, except where otherwise indicated.

Candidates wishing to change their program selection should advise the Competition Board of Directors via the official competition Web site by Saturday, September 23, 2017 at the very latest.

For the MASTER elimination round 1, the candidates can play their pieces in the order they choose.  For all the other competitions (MASTER AND JUNIOR), the order of the program is pre-established.

For the MASTER finale, the orchestral excerpts will be performed in conjunction with the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy, in the solo trumpet position of its layout.


“Creativity Round”

This round is designed to showcase the charisma, sense of improvisation and creativity of each candidate in the context of a public instrument performance. They will be judged on their individual personality, their temperament, the originality of their presentation, and their capacity to surprise and contribute an original artistic inspiration.

The contestants will have 5 minutes, starting with their entrance on stage, to demonstrate their creative spirit. Also on stage will be 2 percussionists and a jazz trio (piano, string bass, drums). 

These musicians will be at the candidates’ disposal during the round, and only for this moment.

The candidates won’t be obligated to use the musicians and/or instrument present.

All forms of artistic expression are permitted (theatre, comedy, stand-up, dance, mime, circus arts, etc.); all styles (folklore, salsa, jazz, funk, R&B, hip hop, slam, etc.) and this, with or without trumpet, with or without instruments, and with or without the other instrumentalists present.

The candidates can, if they wish, bring accessories for their presentation. It should not exceed 5 minutes.

Sheet music will not be permitted. 

Please note: The names of the available percussion sets will be posted for consultation June 30, 2017 on the official competition Web site.

The musicians at the disposal of the candidates for this round will be high level students at the end of their course work at the Regional Conservatory of Rouen (« CRR ») and not seasoned professionals.


“The Battle”

This should do with a composition for 2 trumpets and string orchestra, interpreted by two candidates and by the Orchestra of the Regional Conservatory of Rouen.

The two sheet music will be downloadable on June 20th, they will have to be both prepared by the candidates. The choice of the parts will be made by drawing lots on  the 24th of October  in the evening.

Article 5 - Rehearsals


For the rounds requiring piano accompaniment, the Competition Board of Directors will make a pianist available to the candidates. 

The same will be true for all forms of accompaniment (string orchestra, percussionists, symphonic orchestra).

For each round requiring accompaniment (except the MASTER creativity round), one rehearsal session will be arranged by the Competition Board of Directors. 

Candidates can play with the piano accompanists of their choice, but at their own expense and in specifying as such before April 23, 2017.

Rehearsals for the Elimination Round 1 will take place Saturday, October 21, 2017 and Sunday, October 22, 2017 at the Regional Conservatory of Rouen (« CRR »). 

The specific times of these rehearsals will be given via e-mail, following the validation of registration.

Article 6 - Prices

MASTER Category

1st Grand Prize:

  • 10,000 €
  • Opportunity to be concert soloist with the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy

2nd Prize:

  •  6,000 €

3rd Prize:

  • 3,000 €

The 1st Grand Prize cannot be shared. 

JUNIOR Category

1st Prize:

  • Professional Yamaha piccolo trumpet, donated by the establishment « Feeling Musique Paris »
  • Opportunity to be concert soloist with the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy

2nd Prize:

  • Yamaha Xeno B Flat trumpet, donated by the establishment Eric Gervais Rouen

3rd Prize: 

  • Gift card worth 400€, offered by AJ Atelier des Cuivres (AJ Brass Studio)
  • Set of 5 mutes, donated by Musique Océane

The 1st Prize cannot be shared.

Article 7 - Jury

The jury will be one of the most representative of the international music scene.

The list of members will be available for consultation on the official Competition Web site.

The deliberations will be done at the end of each round.

In case of a tie, the president’s vote will take precedence.

The jury reserves the right to not award all prizes.

For the MASTER and JUNIOR semi-finals, the jury’s deliberation will be done in public, following each round of performances.

Please note:  For logistical reasons, the members of the jury during the JUNIOR Elimination Round 1 will be different from the rest of the competition, except for the president.

The audience can vote for the candidate of their choice at the MASTER and JUNIOR semi-finals and grand finales. 

The majority vote of the collective audience will represent one vote for each round and will be added to that of the jury.

Only those present from the beginning of the round in question will be able to vote.

The specific details of this vote will be given verbally, the day of these rounds, before the arrival of the first finalist. 

The jury remains sovereign.

Jury decisions are non-appealable.

Article 8 - Schedule

The competition schedule will be available for review on the official competition site once it is open for applications. 

After having validated the candidate’s portfolio, an e-mail will be sent with all the details relative to his/her arrival.  He/she can request specific details via the site, and the Competition Board of Directors will reply promptly.

For each on-stage performance, no degree of tardiness will be accepted.

At the end of each day, a member of the Competition Board of Directors will publicly give the details for the following day.

Nevertheless, a booklet summarizing all the information for this competition week will be given without charge to each candidate at the time of the drawing for performance order.

Article 9 – Application Portfolio

In order to be admitted to the competition, the application portfolio should be completed before Saturday, July 1, 2017.  The application process (required documents, payment of registration fees) will be made in full solely via the official competition Web site. 

Required documents:

- Completed application on the website:

- Two original letters of recommendation by notable musicians, drafted specifically for this competition.

- Scanned image of a recent photograph, 3.5 x 4.5 centimeters (1.5 in. X 1.75 in.) minimum size.

The application won’t be valid until after receipt of the documents and registration fees. 

Article 10 – Registration Fees

Registration fees have been set at 90€ per person for the MASTER category and at 80€ per person for the JUNIOR category.

Payment will be made solely by bank wire transfer to the account of the Eric Aubier Trumpet Competition Association.

In the event a candidate is not accepted by the Competition Board of Directors, after having reviewed the entire portfolio, the fees will be refunded in their entirety. 

Once the candidate is admitted following review of the entire portfolio, and except for the cancellation of the competition, sign-up fees will no longer be refundable.

Article 11 – Stay in Rouen

In order to orient the contestants, the Competition Board of Directors proposes on its official Web sites several establishments selected for their proximity to the competition facilities (hotels, restaurants, tourism).  Lodging and trip expenses are entirely the responsibility of the candidates. 

During all Competition performances, the contestants should be reachable.

The Competition Board of Directors reserves the right to modify the competition schedule, provided that it informs the candidates 24 hours in advance.

Article 12 - Visa

Candidates needing a visa to participate in the Competition are requested to arrange that on their own.

Candidates needing to present a letter of invitation to obtain a visa should make the request of the Competition Board of Directors.

Article 13 - Broadcasting

All of the competitions are public.

Only the final competitions taking place at the Opera of Rouen/Normandy will require the audience to buy tickets.

For all the on-stage performances, proper formal attire is mandatory.

The different competitions can be recorded, broadcast over the radio and/or televised without these retransmissions implying any financial remuneration whatsoever.

Article 14 – Acceptance

The Competition Board of Directors is uniquely empowered to decide upon candidate admission, after having examined the application portfolios.

The list of accepted candidates will be published on the official competition Web site on Monday, July 10, 2017. Upon admission to the competition, the candidate will receive the necessary information by mail. By their participation, the candidates imply their complete acceptance of the rules and regulations of the competition.

In the event of litigation, only the French version of the rules and regulations shall be binding.

Article 15 – Disclaimer

The board of directors hereby disclaims any and all liability of any kind, for any loss of any personal property or belongings of any candidate, which may occur at any time before, during, or after the competition.  This disclaimer includes but is not limited to damage, theft, misplacement, misuse, or other loss.  This disclaimer applies regardless of whether that candidate is a minor or an adult.  

The candidates and their guardians bear sole responsibility for their own personal property, and are encouraged to obtain insurance coverage for their personal property.  By participating in this competition, the candidates and their guardians hereby release the board of directors, both individually and as a separate entity, for any and all liability in this regard.


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