Elimination round 1

Mandatory (B flat or C Trumpet ):

-       Joseph Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major, Movement 1, up to the D Flat before the reprise of the main theme.

Candidates’ Choice of :

-       Stanley Friedman, Solus, Movements 1-3 (Editions BIM)

-       Robert Henderson, Variation movements, Movements 1-2-3 (AVANT MUSIC Los Angeles Edition)

-       Anthony Plog, Postcards I, Movements 2-3 (Editions BIM)

-       Gianto Scelsi, Quattro pezzi, Movements 1-3 (Salabert Editions)

-       J.S. Bach, Partita Nº 2, Allemande, and Sonata No. 1, first part of the Presto (Original version for violin, Schott edition or any other original version)

Candidates’ Choice of :

-       Jean Françaix Sonatine, movements 1-2 with cadenza. (editions Max Eschig)

-       Raymond Gallois-Montbrun, Sarabande and Finale, from beginning to 5th measure of rehearsal 8, then from the cadenza to the end (Alphonse Leduc edition)

Elimination Round 2

Mandatory (piccolo trumpet):

           -       I. Jevtic, “ Que le jour est beau! “ (Editions BIM)


Mandatory :

-       Thierry Escaich, Création, for trumpet and 2 percussion instruments

Please note : The sheet music will be downloadable from the competition Web site starting June 30, 2017

           -       Creativity Challenge (see Article 4b in the internal rules)

For the creativity round of the October, 26, you will have available, on stage, these musicians and these instruments ( you can use them or not):

one vibraphone 3 octaves

one marimba 5 octaves

one suspended cymbal

one triangle

two timpani

one snare drum

one tam tam

A jazz trio:

a piano                               


Bass strings


two percussionists

a pianist

a drummer

a bassist

Grand Finale  MASTER Level


-       Dimitri Chostakovitch,  Concerto in c-minor for piano and trumpet ,  2nd mouvement

-       Maurice Ravel, Concert in G Major

-       G. Friedrich Haendel   - The Messiah " The Trumpet shall"

-       Igor Stravinsky, Petrushka (trumpet version)

-       Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake (cornet solo)

Please note: The orchestral excerpts will be performed in conjunction with the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy in the solo trumpet position.

The specific passages will be downloadable from the competition’s Web site starting June 20, 2017

-       Georges Enescu, Legend (Enoch Edition)

-       Arthur Honegger, Intrada (Salabert Editions)

Please note: These two concertos will be accompanied by the Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy. The original trumpet parts remain unchanged.


For the Elimination Round 1 test, the jury reserves the right to have the contestant play all or part of the requested program. 

Elimination Round 1

Candidates’ Choice of :

-       W. Brandt, Concert Piece N°2  (Marc Reift edition)

-       Theo Charlier, Competition Solo (Schott edition)

           -       Tomaso Albinoni, Concerto en E Flat Major, arranged by T.Dokshitser (Marc Reift edition)

Elimination Round 2


           -        Pierre Sancan, Rhapsody (Rideau Rouge/Red Curtain Edition)



-       Georges Delerue, Concertino (Alphonse Leduc edition)

-       “Battle”, creation for trumpet duet and and string orchestra (See Article 4b in the internal rules) downloadable here June 20, 2017

Please note: These two pieces will be accompanied by the string orchestra and percussion section of the CRR of Rouen.

JUNIOR Grand Finale

-       Joseph Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major

Accompaniment: Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Normandy


           -       Création by Thierry Escaich: downloadable here June 30, 2017

           -       Orchestral Excerpts: downloadable here June 20, 2017


Last edited: 29/08/2017