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“The French School and its emblematic representative Maurice André are the true origins of our vocation—the great interpreters of the classical trumpet throughout the world. For this reason France has the obligation to pursue and maintain its image as the worldwide leader. I am honored to preside over the Eric Aubier International Trumpet Competition, in the region of Normandy—world region of the trumpet—this essential project promote and reinvent the talents of tomorrow.” Eric Aubier



Why a competition on this grand scale dedicated to this instrument?

The French School is unique and world-renowned. It is a precious heritage that must be defended and promoted.

In 1979, the international trumpet competition Maurice André is organized by the City of Paris in honor of Maurice André, still considered as the greatest trumpeter of all time.

Created 35 years ago, this competition was incredibly successful notably due to the high artistic and technical level of the competitors—coming from the best international conservatories—and evolved and continued through six competitions in 1979, 1988, 1997, 200, 2003, and 2006. Through all the years of the competition, chaired by Maurice André, hand-picked juries comprised of the greatest trumpeters and teachers from around the world listened to, assessed, and gave prizes to the most talented trumpet artists of their generation from every continent in the world.

Even when the first prize was unanimously given as the most prestigious award for a trumpeter, one should note that the 2nd and 3rd place laureates were also artists of great talents who have gone on to successful international careers.

In all styles of music—Classical, Jazz, commercial, film, television, church, or circus!—the trumpet is always very popular. Whether played by professionals or amateurs, listened to by connoisseur or passionate fan, this instrument has attracted people for centuries.

Even if the fame of the great French master inspired hundreds to emulate him, it is important to make trumpet lovers dream, to continue André’s promotion of the instrument and its repertoire, and to motivate students who’ll be future professionals.

What impact did this competition have on its laureates?

The power of a project of this scale depends partially upon the quality of the competitors.

In six editions, the winners have proven that this competition has been truly one of the greatest ever organized: all the laureates, without exception, today have careers among the most important on the planet.

Among these, Stephen  Burns (USA) and Gérard Métrailler (Switzerland),  1st and 2nd prizes respectively in 1988; one being trumpeter in high demand in America and the other professor at the eminent Geneva Conservatory. 1997 3rd Prize winner André Henry (France) was solo trumpeter of the Peking Orchestra and then name professor at Tokyo Ondai University in Japan.

His compatriot David Guerrier, considered one of the world’s greatest trumpeters, won the Maurice André Competition in 2000. British recording artist Alison Balsom who to  3rd prize in 2000, demonstrates the importance of these prizes with her dozen years of recording for EMI some of the most demanding trumpet repertoire with orchestras worldwide.

2003 and 2006 editions of the competition launched the careers of prodigies Guilliano Sommerhalder (Italy) and Ibrahim Malouf (France), with Venezuelan Francisco Flores eclipsing the field, while the equally impressive Ruben Simeo obtained the second prize at the age of 18!

It should be noted that Flores is the first trumpeter in the world to have signed a contract with the celebrated Deutsch Grammophon.

Why create a new international trumpet competition in France?

Since 2006 there have been no international competitions in France. After the last edition, the Parisian government restricted budget allocations that supported all the competitions for the city of Paris, signaling the end of this international spectacle. Nevertheless France remains, and must continue to be the leading country of this instrument because the name Maurice André is inseparable from it and there are many French trumpeters touring the world representing in an undisputable way the excellence of the French School.

Over the years other countries created their own competitions (Porcia, Italy, South Korea, Lieksa, Finland and Budapest, Hungary) conscious of the artistic, pedagogic, and spectacular impact of such a project. All the quoted prize winners of the Maurice André Competition, passed through France to study; many of them studying with Aubier (Guerrier, Sommerhalder, Maalouf, Flores, Simeo) With the greatest soloists arising from French academies, it is paradoxical that our country no longer holds prestigious competitions.

The ERIC AUBIER International Competition intends:

• To be a springboard to notability for emerging trumpet soloists.

• To award winners prizes, but also the opportunity to be produced and promoted in concert with a partner orchestra.

• Restore the primacy of the competition, the fighting spirit and healthy competitiveness.

• To spread the appreciation of the trumpet to a wider public.

Why organize this event in Rouen?

Rouen’s unique infrastructures of the Opera House, a National Conservatory, four regional conservatories, and more than 100 music schools, as well as the capacity to host cultural events (“October in Normandy” and “Spring in Rouen”) demonstrates the city’s ability to produce important musical events.

In the same was as Angoulême for comicstrips or Cannes for cinema, “Metropolis Rouen Normandy, capital of the trumpet” will be the meeting point for a week of the most beautiful trumpet playing in a dramatic competition. In addition to the instrumental competition numerous concerts, conferences, and Master Classes will be held throughout Rouen performed by members of the internationally acclaimed jury.

" International Trumpet Competition ERIC AUBIER
Region Normandy, world region of the trumpet "

Why Eric Aubier?

Maurice André died in 2012.
It is essential to keep in mind all that this incredible artist brought to the music and to become aware of his legacy.
However, in a spirit of continuity, the purpose of this trumpet competition is more to attend to the future than to emphasize the one who was certainly his most talented pupil:  ERIC AUBIER .

At the age of 14, Eric Aubier entered the National Conservatory for Music of Paris in the Masterclass of  Maurice André and he  graduated as the youngest student ever. Prize-winner of the international competitions of Prague, Toulon and Paris, he was nominated at the age of 19, as the soloist trumpeter in the Orchestra of the Opera of Paris.
From 1995, he committed exclusively to a career of an international concert soloist and with already hundred recordings and commissioned works, Eric Aubier embodies all the fame of the modern French trumpet, which he continues to exemplify on international concert stages.
A real ambassador of the French school of brass instruments, Aubier will, through his talent, his commitment and his references are real assets, will strengthen the credibility of such a competition, in particular for the jury, for the candidates, for the public and for the potential sponsors.


Even if the competition is a revival in itself, nevertheless it has to distinguish itself from other competions.

Two competitions in one

The EAITC proposes two categories of elite candidates chosen with rigorous attention to standards

A first category "JUNIOR" or " Young Talent " (limited to 20 years) and a second  category "SENIOR" or "Master's degree" (without age limit) will be organized during this week. The selection will be also rigorous for both categories.

  • The "JUNIOR" competition

Many very young minor artists are capable to impose their capacity and talent in a competition of this type.
Let us say for example Lucienne Renaudin-Vary, 15-year-old and already admitted at the National Conservatory of Paris in 2014! It would be completely justifiable, that she can join the Junior Competition.

  • The "SENIOR" competition

On the contrary and to quote only the French musicians, the trumpeters of exception who passed the  " limits of  age " as Philippe Litlzer or still Alexandre Baty, could be really  interested in this challenge.
A lot of  excellent artists and virtuosos  in the world, who are  competitors in the soul, wait for this kind of initiative.

Free access between the categories

The category "senior" being without age limit, it will consequently be possible for a "junior" to participate also in this category senior and to appear in both categories, definitive decision being given by the jury, once the case studied.
A first selection will be made on dossier and letter of recommendation. Once this first stage passed, the age will not be a criterion of refusal to participate.

Finale with symphony orchestra in a prestigious place

As well as the Competition Maurice André benefited from the Ensemble Orchestral of Paris in the Salle Pleyel or in the Salle Gaveau, the " International Competition  Eric AUBIER " will have to propose a final event with the symphony orchestra of the Opera of Rouen in the Operahouse  of Rouen - Haute-Normandie.
Three finalists of every category, having reached by definition the last one of three planned tests , will propose an performance of the imposed compositions , accompanied by a symphony orchestra in a magnificent Operahouse.

It is an opportunity for the candidates to be able to play in soloist's real situation thanks to an orchestra of international fame and on a stage with a fantastic acoustic. These signs of quality are essential criteria so that this international contest will be situated on a highest level.

The duration

This competition will take place during one  week.
It is the time required to allow the junior and senior competitions to coexist.
Furthermore, the complicated logistics which generates the organization of two categories of artists imposes a weekly spreading.
Rouen will be the world capital of the trumpet thanks to the level of the candidates and to the requirement of the program and also because of several concerts which will be proposed during this week:

  • The Opening  concert played by Eric Aubier
  • The concert of the tests of personality of the pre-finalist candidates with intervention of the public and the live jury
  • The Finale-concert  of the finalist candidates broadcast worldwide in television and streaming

The Highlights

  • The activities to find new publics

The activities to find new public in schools  is an innovative,  accessible and educational approach of the classical music in favor of the young audience. The pupils will support a candidate of the competition and could so participate during the  preparation and  the progress of the competition. Before, the young candidates will intervene in the classes and will so contribute to help children and teenagers in the listening and in the practice of classical music.

Musical activities and concerts-meetings will be also organized in hospitals and retirement homes to touch public which is distant from the cultural life.

  • 100 trumpets

In partnership with the Conservatory of the Region of Rouen and the very numerous music schools of the Rouen urban district, a concert announcing the official opening of the competition will take place in the Cathedral of Rouen. Eric Aubier will gather hundred trumpeters (professors, pupils, amateurs) to  remind the friendly and serious spirit which will prevail during this competition.

  • Command of a contemporary work

Creation of this command  in front of the public during the tests of the finalists, followed by the concerts given after the competition.

  • The test of personality

For the candidates "seniors" having the ambition to reach the finale, they have to present their artistic personalities and their senses of identity:  this will mean a space of presentation and improvisation. The artist can express himself absolutely free.
In this novelty is added the fact that the accompaniment of the candidates will be directly together with a percussion group. These tests will take place in the auditorium of the Conservatory of  Rouen or in the Opera of Rouen.

  • The public vote

In a limited way and within the frame of certain tests, the public present will be invited to express its opinion thanks to a vote in favor of the candidate of its choice.

  •  "Battle"

Even if this word can have a light connotation, nevertheless it will be even there  an extremely selective  test to reach the "junior" finale.
According to an educational concept which has already showed its ability, it will be a question for the youngest candidates of " being musically in confrontation " by playing each their tour one or several parts, announced by the jury, the  direct confrontation and without real preparation.

The jury will give its verdict rather quickly, so that this "battles" is quickly decided.

  • Senior and Junior Finale broadcast all over the world

Finale will be broadcast in worldwide television via Web, what will allow all the enthusiasts of the whole world to follow this last stage. Besides the prestigious jury and always via Internet, a jury of every continent will express its opinion by video conference.

  • In the middle of an orchestra

The "senior" winner of the international competition ERIC AUBIER will not be only the most talented soloist. Worried of rewarding the most complete candidate, this competition will organize, during finale, a test of interpretation of orchestra parts in the orchestra

Besides the interpretation of a concerto, the finalist "senior" trumpeters will be in the orchestra the time to execute one or several parts in the real conditions and with the requirement of the solo trumpet.

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