Message from the President


Thierry Gervais, creator of this project has conceived this International Eric Aubier trumpet competition.

" I did not wish just another music gathering in France as there are already quite a few of those and among which the quality as well as the educational character are every time absolutely  remarkable,  but I looked towards establishing a  true music competition for trumpet on very high level, an international competition  with an ambition to soar to the most prestigious of the world,  and I suggested to the reknowned French trumpeter Eric Aubier to give his name to this major event.

Once a mutual agreement has been reached,  we worked through the details with support of ACITEA (Eric Aubier Association for Trumpet Competition) to set up and organize the logistics.Numerous partners quickly declared us their support aware of the impact and the reach of such musical event declaring their support . In the great lineage of the famous competition Maurice André, today disappeared, the international trumpet competition Eric Aubier will take place from 22th till 28th of October 2017, in Rouen, city of heritage and history.

REQUIREMENT by the high quality of the members of the jury coming from all over the world

GRATITUDE demonstrated by rewards rarely proposed for our instrument

COMFORT of the candidates thanks to the collaboration with the Operahouse of Rouen/Normandy

RIGOUR of the best young artists of the world

So these are the main points of this major musical event, a meeting which wants to federate so that the trumpet can shine during this week thanks to the great talent of these artists “. Thierry Gervais

Last edited: 20/02/2017